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Tango Argentino – Made in Sweden

Tango, born in the harbour areas of Rio de la Plata, has taken the journey from the rough back streets of Buenos Aires to the finest halls in the world. Tangarte, who for more than 20 years have specialized in playing for dancing have doug deeper into the music. What is tango? Why can’t we live without it? From where does this music come, that hits us with all it’s power, passion and poetry?

Orquesta Tangarte is an Argentinean-Swedish tango orchestra, founded in 1999 in Malmö, Sweden, by the bandoneonist Juanjo Passo with the purpose of performing and spreading tango music from its birthplace, Rio de la Plata. The orchestra’s music is the tango from Rio de la Plata, with a repertoire of great variety of the different styles and époques of tango, performed both for for dancing and for concerts.

The orchestra has through the years performed at various events of all kinds, tango and music festivals, concerts and milongas throughout all of Sweden and Scandinavia, and many different places in the world.

Orquesta Tangarte regularly invite guest artists, and have worked together with bandoneon players Juan José Mosalini, Luis Stazo (Sexteto Mayor), Santiago Cimadevilla and Marcelo Mercadante, pianists Juan Esteban Cuacci, Gustavo Beytelmann, Cristian Zarate, Luciano Supervielle, bass player Ignacio Varchausky, and singers Claudia Pannone, Susanna Levonen and Marianne Maans. Orquesta Tangarte have performed together with wind and symphony orchestras.

Orquesta Tangarte previously had it’s own singers, Juan José Passo (founder of Tangarte) and Sofia Álvarez Tidstrand, who both have meant a lot for the band’s success and development since the beginning.

Orquesta Tangarte: Juanjo Passo – bandoneon, musical director | Garik Binder – piano | Jakob Gerhardsson – double bass | Irina Binder – violin | Hedda Heiskanen – violin | Per Tidstrand – violoncello

If you are interested in booking Tangarte, please note that the orchestra also can be booked with guest bandoneon players, or adapted to a smaller formation – a trio, Cuarteto Tangarte, Quinteto Tangarte etc. Please see the contact page for more information.

Orquesta Tangarte Photo: Niklas Forshell ©2016
Orquesta Tangarte Photo: Niklas Forshell ©2016